A Canadian rents a large billboard just to advertise a leftover piece of cheese

KOMPAS.com – A Canadian who found a cheese stick in the fridge of his new home instead offered it to the public in a unique way.

Reported IPUthe cheese was swapped with a large billboard in downtown Toronto.

The billboard, installed this week in Yonge-Dundas Square, features a single string stick of Black Diamond cheese.

“For trade: a string of cheese,” reads the notice board.

“Accept exchange for a string of cheese. Still in original packaging,” an additional description wrote.

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Angel Domingo, the man behind the billboard, said he found a piece of cheese in the refrigerator of his new home in Toronto.

He said he had experience using resale websites to trade goods, including vehicles, auto parts and furniture.

“It’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever been offered,” Domingo told Global News.

“Someone said I wouldn’t get anything for it and nobody wanted it, but I guess some people really do,” he added.

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Domingo said he received several offers of cheese.

“I think what someone gave me the most was two Persian cats,” he said.

Domingo said he hadn’t received any offers.

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He said the cheese was “still edible” and was months away from its best before date.

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