7 years in Kupang, an Afghan refugee received in Canada

KupangKOMPAS.com – Refugee from Afghanistan with the initials MN who lives in Kota KupangEast Nusa Tenggara (NTT), agreed to live in Canada.

After receiving this confirmation, MN flew to Jakarta, using a Batik Air plane, on Thursday (3/11/2022) to continue his journey to Canada.

When transferred to Jakarta, MN was escorted by officers from the Kupang Migrant Detention Center (Rudenim), in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“He has been living in a temporary shelter in Kupang city for seven years,” Kupang Rudenim security and order section chief Melsy IY Fanggi told Kompas.com on Thursday evening.

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MN chased Melsy, left Kupang El Tari International Airport at 06:25 WITA, using the airline Batik Air and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 09:18 WIT.

Upon arrival in Jakarta, MN was picked up by IOM staff and then taken to the Jakarta Immigrant Detention Center for the transfer process.

“Upon arriving at the Jakarta Immigrant Detention Center, activity continued with officers handing over refugees, between the Kupang Rudenim and the Jakarta Rudenim,” Melsy said.

Afterwards, MN was taken to the temporary shelter of Mustika Hotel in Bekasi, which is under the supervision of Jakarta Immigrant Detention Center.

“We are working with the IOM, for these refugees to undergo the process of placement in Canada, for example a medical visit, an interview by the Canadian embassy where they are going,” Melsy said.

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With the relocation of the Kupang refugees to Canada, Rudenim Kupang was also happy because what MN had hoped for could be achieved.

“Let’s hope the protests, which are often led by Afghan refugees once a week in Kupang, can be stopped,” Melsy hoped.

Melsy also thanked UNHCR and IOM for their hard work in the process of resettling refugees to third countries so that the hopes of refugees in Kupang town can be realized.

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