57 countries ask WHO to support perpetrators of sexual harassment

SERAMBINEWS.COM, GENEVA – More than 50 countries have asked the World Health Organization ( WHO) dealing with offenders sexual harassment be held responsible.

Survivors of exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH) must also receive the support it deserves, the countries told a meeting of the UN health agency’s board.

WHO are under intense pressure to make significant changes as a result of the disclosure sexual harassment which expanded in 2020 from aid workers in the Democratic Republic congo.

British Ambassador Simon Manley delivered a joint statement on behalf of 57 countries.

He expressed deep concern over SEAH’s accusations and alleged abuse of power by staff and contractors. WHO.

These countries include the 27 EU Member States, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea and Ukraine.

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They acknowledged the progress made in recent years and praised the courage of survivors and journalists to speak out.

“Building a culture based on integrity, transparency and accountability is essential,” the countries said.

“We encourage the management WHO to set the tone and lead by example in this area, particularly by establishing clear lines of responsibility and accountability,” they hoped.

“We are very supportive of the investment WHO in capacity building and staff training,” he added.

“This work should raise awareness of the power differentials and inequalities between victims and perpetrators that are behind SEAH,” he added.

They called for a move towards a victim-survivor-centered approach.

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“Complaints must be dealt with in a timely manner and perpetrators held accountable, which is why we strongly support efforts to build investigative capacity. WHOsaid member states.

“We expect prompt and confidential reports to be provided to member states, including measures taken to deal with SEAH,” he said.

The job of the 34-member executive council is to advise the World Health Assembly of member countries, the decision-making body WHO and implement the decision.

152nd session of the executive council WHO from Monday (30/1/2023) to February 7, 2023.

WHO says it does not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct by its staff and takes swift action whenever allegations are raised.

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