5 safe countries for the new solo traveler in 2022, Russia is waiting for her first sister!

Bisnis.comSOLO – Here is a list of safe countries for soloing traveler women.

November is here, it’s time for you to plan a vacation before the year rolls over to 2023. Vacations are one of the relaxing activities that are good for mental health.

However, if you are a worker, finding the right partner when it comes to travel can be difficult.

Take it easy, even if you’re a woman, but there are many countries around the world that are also friendly to female travellers.

However, Bisnis.com advises against going to Russia in the near future.

The reason, of course, is that Russia is currently at war with its brother, Ukraine.

Although it can be said to be safe, the definition of safe is certainly not what we expect, such as when the political conditions in the country are good.

Here are 5 safe countries to visit solo traveler women:

1. Thailand

There is nothing not beautiful in Thailand, even you can take photos and enjoy the night on the streets of Thailand which are full of various street food.

Culturally, Thailand still resembles Indonesia with its super friendly people. This is why Thailand is very safe for women traveling alone.

2. Australia

Even though Indonesia and Australia are currently vying for the sandy island, that does not reduce the level of safety in kangaroo country for female travellers.

Australians are known to be tourist friendly. The risk of harassment is minimal and the high level of security makes this country suitable to be visited alone.

3. Singapore

No need to go far, Singapore is also a very welcoming country for female tourists.

This small country close to Indonesia is often the favorite place for some Indonesians to relax even if they only eat roadside ice cream.


If you want to be a bit far away, you can make Canada a travel destination at the end of this year.

You can explore cities like Toronto, which is an adventure cultural hub in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition to offering many destinations, Canada is also very welcoming to female tourists.

5. Croatia

Croatia is a country in Eastern Europe. Indeed, his name was not as popular as Italy and Greece.

However, it is guaranteed that you will feel at home watching various things in Croatia. Statistically, Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world.

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