5 PB Djarum badminton players win Olympic medals, the No. 1 makes history


Five badminton of the club PB Djaroum Kudus who made Indonesia proud when he won olympic medal . There are a number of PB Djarum players who have won Olympic medals.

This time, only five PB Djarum players who have won Olympic medals will be covered in this article. The five PB Djarum players who have won Olympic medals are Alan Budikusuma, Ardy Bernadus Wiranata, Maria Kristin Yulianti, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir.

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1. Alan Budikusuma
Alan Budikusuma’s name has gone down in history as the first men’s singles Olympic gold medalist. Arek Suroboyo won the men’s singles gold medal after beating compatriot Ardy Bernadus Wiranata in the 1992 Olympic badminton final in Barcelona.

The gold medal that Alan won was very special. Because it’s the first time that badminton has taken part in the Olympic Games. Amazingly, Alan married the women’s singles gold medal with the women’s singles which was won by Susy Susanti who later became his wife. Until Alan and Susy’s names became known as the Olympic Golden Wedding Couple.

2. Ardy Bernadus Wiranata
Besides Alan Budikusuma, the name Ardy Bernadus Wiranata has also caught the attention of badminton fans. Despite losing to Alan, Ardy was recorded as the first Olympic badminton silver medalist in men’s singles.

Ardy became a player who made PB Djarum proud after helping Indonesia win two prestigious men’s singles medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Ardy now lives in Canada after retiring from badminton.

3. Maria Kristin Yulianti
Maria Kristin Yulianti made PB Djarum proud when she made a surprise appearance at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Maria’s name, which was initially unranked, turned out to win a bronze medal.

Maria’s success in ending the craving for Indonesian women’s singles earned her a medal at the Olympics. Previously, the two Indonesian women in singles who won Olympic medals were Susy Susanti and Mia Audina Tjiptawan.

4. Lilyana Natsir
Liliyana Natsir became a legendary badminton athlete after her retirement. Winning a gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 is an affirmation of Liliyana Natsir’s legendary status. Liliyana won Olympic gold in mixed doubles with Tontowi Ahmad.

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The North Sulawesi player was the pride of the PB Djarum club as a mixed doubles player who made history by winning an Olympic gold medal for Indonesia. Liliyana also won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Nova Widianto.

5. Tontowi Ahmad
Like Liliyana Natsir, Tontowi Ahmad’s name is recorded in gold ink at PB Djarum. Thanks to his duet with Liliyana Natsir, Indonesia won the gold medal at the Olmoiade in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Like Liliyana, Tontowi also retired from the game.


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