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Two airline pilots French, Air France, clashed in the cockpit while the plane was in the air. Following the incident, both pilots were disabled from their duties.

As reported Associated pressMonday (29/8/2022), the incident of two pilots between them struggle The cockpit incident happened last June, but the information only emerged recently after the French airline agency BEA published its report on the behavior of French pilots on Wednesday (24/8) the week last.

An Air France airline official said on Sunday (August 28) local time that the two pilots Air France it had been disabled after a physical fight in the cockpit of a Geneva-Paris flight in June.

In addition to this news, here are international news that catch the attention of readers detik.comtoday, Monday (29/8/2022):

– Canadian Prime Minister’s furious MPs harassed: what kind of country are we!

Prime Minister (PM) Canada Justin Trudeau condemned the harsh verbal attack on Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland who is also Minister of Finance (Menkeu). Trudeau mentions verbal attack such as “deeply disturbing harassment”.

“We have seen more and more people in public life and people in positions of power, especially women, Canadians who are victims of racism, minorities or different community groups, being targeted because of the growing power of your voice,” Trudeau said. as reported by ReutersMonday (29/8/2022).

“We are seeing a backlash… We have to ask ourselves what kind of country are we, what kind of country do we want to be,” he added.

– Russia continues to attack areas near nuclear power plants, Ukraine worries about radiation

Authority Ukraine signal the troops Russia continued to launch artillery attacks on towns across the river from the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Reports of continued attacks near the nuclear power plant have increasingly made local residents nervous amid fears of a radioactive disaster.

As reported ReutersMonday (29/8/2022), Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant Controlled by Russian forces since March but still exploited by the Ukrainian general staff, it has become one of the main flashpoints in the Ukraine-Russia conflict over the past six months.

The United States Department of State (United States), in a statement issued on Sunday, August 28, local time, said that Moscow does not want to recognize the risk of radioactive leakage at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and has blocked the project agree on nuclear non-proliferation. because it mentioned risk.

Ukraine’s nuclear company, Energoatom, said it had no new information on attacks near Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

– India collapses 100-meter “twin towers” in 12-15 seconds

Authority India demolished two high-rise buildings dubbed the “twin towers” on the outskirts of the capital New Delhi Sunday (8/28) local time. Treat demolition of two high-rise buildings which forced thousands of people to be evacuated was broadcast live on local television.

As reported AFP, on Monday (29/8/2022), the two 100 meter high buildings were demolished because they were built illegally. The demolition of the two buildings constructed in Noida is a rare example of Indian authorities’ crackdown on corrupt officials and developers.

Watch the video ‘2 skyscrapers destroyed in India’:

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