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Prime Minister (PM) Canada Justin Trudeau cannot return to their country immediately after participating G20 Summit In India last week, because the plane he was on suddenly experienced engine problems or broke down.

Trudeau and the entire Canadian delegation were forced to extend their visit to New Delhi a day later than planned. It is as shown AFP And The GuardianMonday (9/11/2023).

Trudeau arrived in India to attend the G20 summit on Friday (8/9) last week. He is expected to return to Canada on Sunday (10/9), local time, after attending a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

However, an engine failure on the plane carrying him and the Canadian delegation forced Trudeau to stay one more night in India.

In addition to this news, here is the international news that attracts the attention of readers. detikcomtoday, Monday (9/11/2023):

– Brazilian president revokes guarantee that Putin will not be arrested if he attends the G20 summit

President Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva revoked the personal guarantee given that the President Russia Vladimir Poutine will not be arrested if he attends the G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro next year. Lula said the decision whether or not to arrest Putin was within the authority of the Brazilian justice system.

As reported AFPOn Monday (9/11/2023), Putin skipped the G20 summit held in India in September this year to avoid possible political hatred and the risk of criminal detention based on the released arrest warrant International Penal Court (ICC).

Brazil is a member of the ICC, but Lula made eyebrow-raising remarks this weekend while speaking to local Indian media. First position.

“If I were president of Brazil and if he (Putin) came to Brazil, it would be impossible for him to be arrested,” Lula stressed in the interview.

– Contested, Netanyahu will go to the United States but will not meet Biden

Prime Minister (PM) of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will go to the united states of america this month, but is not expected to meet the US president Joe Biden amid tensions that have persisted for months.

Planned visit will be Netanyahu's first visit to longtime ally IsraelUnited States, since his re-election late last year.

Reported by the news agency AFPOn Monday (9/11/2023), Netanyahu is expected to land in San Francisco, United States, on September 18 to attend a meeting in Silicon Valley. He will then leave for New York to attend the session of the United Nations General Assembly, according to a statement from his office.

– Biden meets with Premier Li at the G20 summit: I don't want to contain China!

President the united states of america (WE) Joe Biden categorically stated that he did not want to “restrict” China. The statement comes as Washington and Beijing face growing divisions in the trade, security and human rights (HAM) sectors.


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