5 facts about the mass knife attacks in Canada that left 10 dead


Mass stabbings take place in Canada. The incident left 10 people dead and dozens injured.

Reported AFP, Monday (5/9/2022), the mass stabbings took place at 13 locations in the James Smith community of Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Of the 13 locations, 10 people were reported dead.

Here are 5 facts about mass stabbings:

1. 10 people killed

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said 10 people were killed. He said the 10 people were killed in 13 locations.

“We have found 10 deceased people at 13 locations in the James Smith Cree Nation community and Weldon, Saskatchewan,” he said at a news conference.

Blackmore also said at least 15 people were injured as a result of the mass stabbings. The injured were immediately transported to several nearby hospitals.

“Several additional victims were injured, 15 of whom were transported to various hospitals,” he said.

2. Characteristics of actors

Reported Associated press, Blackmore said the stabbings were allegedly committed by two people. He urged the alleged perpetrators to surrender to the authorities.

According to information collected by police from eyewitnesses, the alleged attacker was seen in Saskatchewan’s capital, Regina, around lunchtime. The suspect has not been seen since.

2 suspected mass stabbings in Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police via AP) Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police via AP

“Do not leave safe places. Do not approach suspicious people. police (RCMP) via a Twitter account.

The search for the perpetrators of the stabbing was carried out when many people traveled to the city of Regina to attend a Canadian football league game. The Regina Police Department said officers were already in multiple locations.

The two people were named Damien Sanderson (31) and Myles Sanderson (30). Damien Sanderson is described as being around 170cm tall and weighing 70kg.

Meanwhile, Myles Sanderson is described as being 185cm tall and weighing 90kg. Both men have black hair and brown eyes. These two people drive a black Nissan Rogue.

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Watch the video: Serial knife attack in Canada, 10 people stabbed to death by 2 assailants

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