5 Edtech Companies in Canada to Know

Canada is home to both budding startups and international companies focused on technology-driven educational products and services. These edtech companies seek to innovate in classroom management, curriculum development, tutoring, professional development, and other aspects of teaching and learning. From content libraries to build professional skills to AI-powered proofreading tools, these edtech companies specialize in solutions to help learners in Canada.

Top Edtech Companies in Canada

  • Paper
  • Course Hero
  • Absorb the software
  • D2L
  • A look

Top Edtech Companies in Canada to Know

Paper works with school systems and districts to provide holistic academic support to students based on their needs. Services include 24/7 online tutoring, writing coaching, and career and college counseling. Paper also offers technology tools such as fun math and vocabulary practice sessions and a platform for getting real-time feedback as students read aloud.

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Course Hero creates an online learning platform with course-specific resources to help students understand and retain the information in their study materials. The company applies AI in several ways, including providing answers, explanations, and recommendations for homework help, as well as proofreading and grammar checking tools. Course Hero users can also connect with live human tutors.

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Absorb the software makes e-learning technology primarily used by businesses, who rely on the company’s solutions to train and educate their staff and customers. Companies of varying sizes and types use the Absorb Learning Management System, or LMS, to establish engaging, personalized training programs that align with their organizational goals.

D2L creates an LMS called Brightspace used by educational institutions from K-12 schools to universities, as well as businesses, government agencies and associations seeking to provide professional development. It also offers a workplace talent development solution called Wave. The company serves more than 15 million learners worldwide.

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A look is an education technology company that creates digital programs to support social and emotional learning, commonly known as SEL. Designed to be integrated into literacy lessons for students in grades K-12, Peekapak solutions are designed to prioritize communication, self-regulation, conflict resolution, empathy and d other important concepts.

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