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JAKARTA – Previously colonialism carried out by the countries in power to take over and expand the territory Powerful they or they.

In fact, apart from the expansion of power, colonialism was also about seeking spices and natural resources, and even political systems and beliefs that they also wanted. Colonialism is their best strategy.

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Colonization was carried out in almost every corner of the world. There are even a number of countries that have the most extensive colonial territories.

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Here are 5 countries with the widest colonial records, check out the reviews!

1. English

This country, which belongs to the United Kingdom, has the largest settlement area of ​​115 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea and many more.

Reported via news18.com Although the UK does not have such a vast territory, the UK is capable of developing the biggest empire in history so far.

2. Netherlands

The country with the windmill icon is also included in the list as the country with the largest settlement in the world.

Reported via Worldatlas.com that the Netherlands once colonized Indonesia. Even the Netherlands is a country with a large number of colonies, including countries from Europe.

Including USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Africa and many more.

3. Spain

Spain is also the country with the largest colony today.Spain led Europe as a global explorer and colonial power that extended its power across the globe, beginning with the voyage of Christopher Columbus in America in 1492.

To this day, Spain still holds territories overseas in places like Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, but many of its former colonies have been lost in historic wars.

4. Turkey

Turkey is also included in the list of countries with the largest territory. The former Ottoman Empire or also known as the Ottoman Caliphate is one of the strongest and longest dynasties in world history.

The countries that were once part of the Ottoman Caliphate were Iraq, Hungary, Egypt and many more.

Reported by Britannica.com that the Turkish colony covers three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa.


This very iconic country with the Eiffel Tower is also included in the list of countries with the largest colonies in the world.

Reported via Globalsecurity.org France has power over an area of ​​ten million square kilometers.

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