3 sea locations connecting two waters that don’t mix, latest issue near Indonesia


The sea is home to unique natural phenomena, one of which connects two waters, but water does not mix. Photo/ist

JAKARTA sea save unique natural phenomena, one of which connects two waters, but the water does not mix. According to physicists and oceanographers, there are two different causes waters which cannot be united.

These include the level of salinity or salinity of sea water, the density of surface water, the density of water, the diversity of flora and fauna which are different even contradictory. Here are 3 ocean locations that meet but don’t mix.

1. Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar connects two major waters, namely the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, which lies between the continents of Europe and Africa. Its geographical position is squeezed by Spain to the north and Morocco to the south.

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The Strait of Gibraltar became popular due to its uniqueness, as the meeting of the two water currents did not unite, as if there was a barrier in the middle. Mediterranean waters have a dark blue color, while Atlantic waters tend to be bright blue, so the difference is very striking.

According to oceanographer Francis J. Cousteau, the main cause of seawater in the Strait of Gibraltar does not mix because the two have different levels of salinity and density. Accompanied also by the diversity of flora and fauna are unique, so their habitat cannot be mixed with other waters.

2. Alaska Bay

3 sea locations connecting two waters that don't mix, latest issue near Indonesia

The Gulf of Alaska is known as the curved arm of the Pacific Ocean, which sits at the tip of the Pacific Ocean and stretches from the western part of the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island to the eastern part of the archipelago of the Alexander Archipelago. The Gulf of Alaska lies between the United States and Canada.

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