259 players from 12 countries participate in the KB Financial Group Indonesia Masters 2022

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Elshinta.com – After holding the Mansion Sports Malang Indonesia International Challenge 2022 event, Malang City is once again bustling with hosting a badminton tournament titled KB Financial Group Indonesia Masters 2022. The championship which is included in the schedule of the World Federation of badminton (BWF) will take place at Platinum Arena, Malang, East Java, 18-23 October 2022.

The competition for the championship podium in this tournament is sure to be more exciting and fierce than last week’s championship. Indeed, the composition of the players who competed was almost similar to the last tournament. But the excitement and competitive atmosphere of players will definitely be much greater when they appear at KB Financial Group Indonesia Masters 2022.

“KB Financial Group Indonesia Masters 2022 tournament is an event under the auspices of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). This tournament is at level 6 of the BWF World Tour Super 100 tournament series, which is higher than the Mansions Sport Malang Indonesia International Challenge which ended yesterday. Both in terms of the amount of prize money and the BWF ranking points provided, this tournament is much bigger,” said the head of the organizing committee, Armand Darmadji, as reported . Contributor of Elshinta, El Aris, Tuesday (18/10).

According to Armand, this tournament offers a much larger total prize. That is 81,000 US dollars, while the Mansion Sports Malang Indonesia International Challenge only lasts 15,000 US dollars. For the men’s and women’s singles champions, each will receive a prize of US$6,075.

“The BWF ranking points provided are also higher than the last Mansion Sports Maiang Indonesia International Challenge tournament. For the champion, will get 5,500 points, while for the champion of the previous week’s tournament, only 4,000. Considering the number of prizes and BWF ranking points provided in the Indonesia Masters BWF World Tour Super 100 tournament, it is sure that the competition will increase. The matches are definitely more exciting, tighter and more entertaining for badminton fans in Malang,” added Armand.

The BWF World Tour Super 100 level tournament brought together 259 players from 12 countries. Yait from USA, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia. Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and the host, Indonesia.

Host players such as Ribka Sugiarto Lanny Tria Mayasari, Pramud Kusumawardana, Rahmat Hidayat, Sabda Perkasa Belawa, Christian Adinata, until Putri Kusumawardani are ready to host the championship. They will compete with. Wen Hong Yang (China), Parupalli Kashyap (India), Son Wan Ho (South Korea, Saena Kawakami (Japan), to He Ji Ting/Zhao Hao Dong (China).

“What is certain is that it will become a magnet in itself, especially since the people of Malangraya have such a strong sporting atmosphere, that is what makes PP PBSI trusted as an organizing city. badminton tournament titled KB Financial Group Indon. Masters 2022,” he said.

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