2022 World Cup Participant Trial Schedule: Japan vs Canada, Jordan vs Spain, Portugal vs Nigeria

Portugal are due to take on Nigeria at the Estadio Jose Alvalade in Lisbon on Friday (11/18) at 01:45 WIB.

“Ronaldo has gastritis and didn’t train today to recover and rest,” Portugal coach Fernando Santos told a news conference, as quoted by Fot Mob.

“It’s a condition that doesn’t help much because it affects the players a lot, they lose a lot of fluids, they get weaker. He won’t be ready for tomorrow, that’s for sure,” added the coach who led Portugal to the final. Victory in the European Cup 2016.

For your information, gastritis is a disease caused by inflammation of the stomach wall. This condition is usually characterized by pain in the solar plexus.

If left unchecked, gastritis can last for years and lead to serious complications, such as stomach ulcers. Gastritis is divided into two types, namely acute and chronic gastritis.

Acute gastritis occurs when inflammation of the stomach lining occurs suddenly. This condition causes severe heartburn that is temporary. However, if left untreated, acute gastritis can become chronic.

Meanwhile, in chronic astritis, inflammation of the stomach lining occurs slowly and over a long period of time. The pain felt is milder than that of acute gastritis, but appears more frequently and lasts longer.

See the full testing schedule for 2022 World Cup participants on the following page:

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