2 dead in a shooting in Canada, the attacker arrested


At least two people died in two incidents filming apart from what happened in Canada earlier this week. The two incidents are said to be linked, the author of the shooting having been arrested by the local police.

As reported CNNOn Tuesday (9/13/2022), local authorities reported that the attacker first shot a Toronto police officer who was on a lunch break while undergoing training in Mississauga, Ontario. The policeman was reportedly killed in the shooting.

Another person was injured in the Mississauga shooting.

Toronto Police Chief James Ramer identified the deceased Mississauga officer as Andre Hong, 48, who was a member of the Toronto Police Traffic Unit. Ramer said Hong was shot at close range and died instantly.

Hong is known to have been with the Toronto Police Department for 22 years. The motive for the fatal shooting is still unclear.

However, local police said the assailant fled to the Milton area, which is still in the Ontario region, after shooting Hong, in Milton the assailant allegedly shot three other people .

Halton Regional Police said one victim was pronounced dead at the scene, while two other victims were injured and rushed to a local hospital.

“We believe this is the same suspect involved in the shooting here in Mississauga,” Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said.

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