1440p system software and new game menu

Sony wants to update the Playstation 5 system software again. Also available: 1440p support, game menus, etc., but not for everyone at the moment.

Sony has released a new PS5 system software beta that includes 1440p support, additional playlists and updates. Although access to the beta is limited to invited participants in certain countries (United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France), the goal is to roll out this update to the global community more late this year. Once the press release is available, participants will receive an invitation by e-mail. So check your mailbox.

Perhaps the most important feature of the new system software is support for 1440p output, which was previously impossible. For games that support 1440p display, you can enjoy native 1440p video output on a suitable monitor or display. If you play games with higher native resolution like b. When running in 4K, you can take advantage of improved anti-aliasing by supersampling in the 1440p output.

It also offers a list of games to help you organize your library more easily. You can have up to 15 playlists and 100 games per playlist. Any game from your Library tab in your game library can be added to the games list, including discs, digital titles, and streaming titles.

Additionally, you have the option to directly compare 3D audio and stereo audio. The content also includes easier access to current activity, as well as the ability for party members to share their screens to see their gameplay. There are other social features as well.

The duration of the beta phase and the deployment date of the new software are currently not planned.

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