10 countries with the most ATMs, is there Indonesia?


ATM (AT M) can help the public with banking transactions. From cash withdrawals, fund transfers, payments can be made through this machine.

Even though digital financial transaction facilities are becoming more widespread, ATMs are still popular in many countries. This is evident from the numerous ATMs of various banks spread across different countries.

From World Bank data, Macau is known to rank as the country with the highest rate of ATMs in the world, reaching 321.33 units per 100,000 adults.

Next come Uruguay and South Korea, which each had 276.29 units and 259.46 units per 100,000 adults. While Indonesia ranks 76th with 48.09 units per 100,000 adults based on the latest World Bank data as of 2021 yesterday.

This number is known to have decreased since 2017. Even in 2020, Indonesia previously had 51.66 ATM units per 100,000 adults.

So which countries have machines AT M most in the world? Here is a list of countries with the highest ratio of ATMs in the world according to World Bank data (per 100,000 adults):

1. Macau – 321.33 units
2. Uruguay – 276.29 units
3. South Korea – 259.46 units
4. Canada – 212.44 units
5. United States – 173.96 units
6. Austria – 168.71 units
7. Russia – 164.93 units
8. Portugal – 162.87 units
9. Croatia – 140.70 units
10. Israel – 131.46 units

This is the list of countries with AT M the most in the world.


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